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Water Statement​



Pavlica Country Estates is a community of individual residential parcels at least 35 acres in size, located within the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Groundwater Management District (the “District”). Under current Colorado law (2022), parcels of 35 acres or more and located within a designated groundwater management district are generally eligible to obtain a small capacity well permit through the Colorado Division of Water Resources. The Colorado Division of Water Resources issues all water well permits in Colorado.

A property owner must apply to the State Engineer's Office for a residential well permit and pay a permit fee. The State Engineer's Office has a form, Form GWS-44, used to apply for a residential well permit. A water well driller may be able to assist in the process of obtaining a well permit and providing the necessary information to the State Engineer's Office after the well is drilled.

Uses of water under the permit are limited specifically by the conditions of approval stated on the permit when it is issued. In addition, the District has the right to adopt rules and regulations governing the issuance of small capacity well permits and the administration of ground water use within its boundaries.

The former owners of Pavlica Country Estates own and has reserved all water and water rights underlying the community, except that they will convey to a buyer at the time of sale sufficient quantity of ground water for one small capacity well on each parcel. Each lot will be allocated at least 1 acre foot of water per year for a 300 year water supply. One acre foot of water per year is sufficient quantity of water for indoor uses for one house, a small lawn and garden around the house, and a few horses or other livestock and animals. Such water rights owned by the former owners the of Pavlica Country Estates are the underground water rights determined in the Colorado Water Commission Determination Nos. 4241-BD, 4242-BD, 4243-BD, 4244-BD, 4245-BD, 4246-BD, and 4247-BD. The use of and limitations on the water rights conveyed to a new owner will remain subject to Colorado water law, future well permits, the District's rules and regulations and the above referenced Determinations. The former owners of the Pavlica Country Estates makes no representations regarding the sufficiency of the quality of water for any specific use.

More information on the well permitting program (and Colorado water information in general) can be obtained through the following links:

State Engineer's Office: Ground Water Information Desk at (303) 866-3587 between the hours of 9AM - 4PM, Monday through Friday.

All mineral rights underlying all lots in the Pavlica Country Estates are also excluded in the purchase of any lot within Pavlica Country Estates, as such rights have been severed from the lots and reserved by previous owners. 

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